About us

The „Blasorchester United Winds“ is an orchestra of wind instruments, which is located in Munster in the northern part of Germany right in the middle of Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen.

United Winds was originally founded in 1952 as a “Military Marching Band” for adult musicians only, belonging to the army. In 1991 Munster’s private music school, which offers lessons for adults and also for younger people, was asked to teach bandsmen because at that time young students were also interested in learning to play a wind instrument and playing in the band.

The orchestra has been part of the private music school under the aegis of Barbara Schmitto since 1994. United Winds has grown up to thirty musicians – adults and also younger students. Right now, there is a great range of age from 11 to 63 years. The wind band mostly performs arrangements from classical music to pop.

United Winds already took part in international exchange programs (e.g. Blue Lake International Fine Arts Camp, Michigan, USA). The band did a “Good Will Tour” to Finland in 2006 and also to California and Mexico in 2008.
The orchestra conducted another “Good Will Tour” to New Zealand in July 2012. All members regarded this tour as a contribution to international understanding by music.